Frozen Pizza Packaging: More Than a Simple Box

Did you know that Americans eat a whopping 3 billion pizzas per year? That’s an average of 40 pizzas per person! Depending on which list you use, pizza is the fifth or sixth most popular food in America.

If you sell frozen pizza, this doesn’t come as a surprise to you. You know all about the popularity of pizza. Your job is to create an incredible pizza that your customers want to consume. Ideally, more than 40 per year! But even the best pizza isn’t appetizing if it gets squashed along the way, the packaging rips, or the graphics don’t measure up to your competitor’s (whose product doesn’t taste as good as yours but whose packaging might make it look as if it does).

That’s why companies specializing in frozen pizza understand how much packaging matters. Frozen pizza packaging must make the pizza look as good as it tastes while providing a high level of protection. If you care about sustainability, you want the box to provide all these functions while being recyclable. That’s a lot to ask of a humble pizza box!

More Than a Simple Seal End Design

Here at J.S. McCarthy, we print millions of frozen pizza boxes every year. Using a simple seal end package is an effective way of safeguarding frozen pizza during the transport and stocking process, as well as providing easy disassembly for customers when they get home—all the while offering much latitude in design.

A “simple seal end” is not always so simple. Choose the suitable substrate, inks, coatings, and the images on your pizza boxes will make customers’ mouths water. Choose the wrong substrate, inks, and coatings; the pizza will look flat and dull. If your customers care about sustainability, you must choose a substrate and coating combination that allows the box to be both recyclable and meet your aesthetic and structural requirements.

Want to show off the mouth-watering pizza itself? Consider using a die-cut in the box to create a window that reveals the wrapped, sealed pizza inside. You can tell customers that your pizza has extra-thick pepperoni — or you let them see the real thing for themselves!

Aesthetics, Structure, and Recyclability

Frozen pizza boxes are more than just containers. Aesthetics matter. Structure matters. Substrate and coatings matter. Here at J.S. McCarthy, we know what it takes to create the right balance of design, structural integrity, and sustainability. Want your frozen pizza boxes to be a slice above? Let’s talk.

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