At J.S. McCarthy, every employee you meet
has a vested interest in your success.

In 2019, J.S. McCarthy Printers formed an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). As a result, 100% of the company is now owned by our employees. From the moment we engage with a customer until we fulfill their order, every employee that works on your job is committed to ensuring we exceed your expectations. After all, our success as owners directly corresponds to how satisfied you are with the quality of our work.

Not only does the ESOP benefit our customers by ensuring they receive top-notch service and quality, it also provides our employees financial security. In fact, on average, employee-owners save 2.5 times more for their retirement compared to regular employees. Our philosophy is to not only create value for our customers, but to reward our team for their skilled craftsmanship and commitment to success.

Our family has decided that the best way to continue the business well into the future is to form an ESOP, an employee-owned company, which means that every one of our employees will benefit from the continued success of J.S. McCarthy.

Rick Tardiff

Chairman of J.S. McCarthy


Our company ownership culture benefits employees and customers alike.

Going from an employee to an employee-owner requires more than just a few signatures on important documents. It’s a cultural shift that takes place within the organization. At J.S. McCarthy, we look to the National Center for Employee Ownership when creating and embodying a culture of true company ownership.

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