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An Inside Look At J.S. McCarthy

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  • McCarthy’s work is well-produced and consistent, always with attention to quality. I have to say the best part about working with them, though, is their project management. Our rep is amazingly helpful and attentive, keeping our projects on track and on budget, troubleshooting and coordinating the entire process from download to delivery. Makes working with them a pleasure."

    Judy Tashji, Yeshiva University

  • “Thank you for the fine work on the enlargements of the Harvard campus images. The photos make a wonderful first impression for visitors to the school. Our history of successfully working together is evident in this project…from building and understanding of how my office wants people to view Harvard to trusting your care in making each project look great…”

    Jeffery Pike, Harvard University

  • “J.S. McCarthy has provided many creative solutions to help us work within our budgets and we have come to rely upon them as a member of our team. They understand the industry and really pay attention to our audience, marketing needs, and budget limitations. They receive my highest recommendation.”

    Christina Estabrook, Babson College

  • “I would like to thank you for providing the wonderful resources of Shawn Anderson. He visited our cartographic lab at the University of Maine to color calibrate our monitors, but more importantly – he took the time to share his knowledge with us. His technical skills and overall understanding of the print industry is most impressive. In a few minutes he resolved several issues that have confused us for years. More than a fair trade, and I wish to express our sincere appreciation. Once again, the staff of J.S. McCarthy has gone above and beyond the normal call of service.”

    Michael Hermann, University of Maine