Adobe InDesign

Adobe makes it very easy to create PDFs from InDesign. With CS2 – CS6 and Creative Cloud, Adobe Publishing programs all share settings and Acrobat Distiller, so you may directly export press-ready PDFs from any program in the Suite. Follow the instructions below for the version you are using. JS McCarthy prefers to work with Distiller PDF X4 files whenever possible. To get the best results on your print job, download and install the settings linked below. If you have any questions about preparing press-ready PDFs, feel free to contact JSM technical support.

Adobe InDesign CS3–Creative Cloud
This guide contains full workflow information for creating, checking, and sending PDFs from Adobe
InDesign CS3 and later.

Download Instructions in PDF format
Download JSM PDF X4 Settings for CS3 and later

Page Exporter Utility

The Page Exporter Utility is a small script that can help InDesign export single-page PDFs, which can make it easier to handle revisions and automatic processing.

Download Page Exporter Utility

To install, open InDesign, then open the script palette from the Window menu. Right-click or control-click on the user folder and choose. Reveal in Finder (or File Browser). This will open the Scripts folder in a new window on your machine. Decompress the Page Exporter Utility and copy into the scripts panel folder.

Adobe InDesign

Adobe makes it very easy to create PDFs from InDesign.

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Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop

Adobe makes it very easy to create PDFs.

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Quark Xpress 2015 and Later

Quark can directly export PDFs to the industry-standard PDF X4 format.

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Creating PDFs in Other Programs

We support many different design programs.

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