Cutting-Edge Technology

Our top-of-the line HUV offset presses can handle sheets up to 40” and some of our presses can print on stock as heavy as 39-point.

The HUV presses flash dry inks and coatings as they print, allowing them to immediately move on to our finishing department, so your job is complete and in your hands as quickly as possible.

HUV inks deliver vivid color on all substrates, and are free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), so your final product is easily recyclable at the end of its lifetime.

Coatings & Special Effects

High-quality coatings and special effects help your packaging design stand out. With coatings such as matte, we can find the perfect coating to give your job that little extra oomph.

We offer:
  • UV coatings can add an array of tactile elements, from glossy patterns to matte sandpaper
  • Soft-touch coatings make your product one your customers won’t want to put down
  • Metallic coatings and foil stamps add luxurious shine
  • Pearl coatings add a soft glamour
  • Scented coatings add an unforgettable sensory element


And more! Contact our team today to discuss which coatings and speciality finishing options are right for you and see samples of our work.

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Expert Craftspeople

Our experienced team makes critical decisions about ink density, color balance, registration, and press speed every step of the way, carefully ensuring that your print run is consistent throughout and that defects don’t slip through the cracks.

Printing on synthetic papers is an art, and our team has mastered it. We utilize a wide variety of specialty inks and coatings for unique applications, so your print job makes an unforgettable impression.

Top-Quality Printing Every Time

Our rigorous quality control procedures help ensure that we get zero defects in (almost) every job. Every offset job we print is built using our G7 Master Color Standards for true color consistency. Our Zero Defects Program and Safe Quality Foods Certification ensure a double sign off at every stage, so you can trust that, when your shipment arrives, all you have to do is open the box.

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Eco-Friendly Printing Practices

Creating VOC-free products is just one of the ways our HUV offset printers power our commitment to sustainability. Sustainability is woven into every step of our production process, so when you partner with J.S. McCarthy, you know you’re benefiting both your company and the planet.

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