“One Source, One Solution” Doesn’t Stop At Customer Service

At J.S. McCarthy, we recognize that our business activities contribute to carbon emissions, and we accept our social responsibility as citizens of our planet and members of our communities to safeguard our natural resources.

100% Wind Powered

Our facilities are completely run on wind power.

120 Tons Of Paper

We send 120 tons of paper back to local mills to be re-pulped every month.

15+ Years of Commitment

We’ve been FSC certified since 2004 and have added countless sustainability measures since.

We strive to be not only a top-quality printer but also a responsible corporate citizen.

Read our full Corporate Environmental Policy to learn more.


We Use Cutting-Edge Technology

We’re continually investing in cutting-edge technology that can help us reduce our environmental footprint. In the last 5 years we’ve invested over $15 million in our facilities, purchasing newer, more efficient equipment that reduces waste while creating the highest quality products, every time.

We Produce VOC-Free Products Every Time

Our HUV offset presses flash dry inks, so they’re free of Volatile Organic Compounds. This means all of our products can easily be recycled and even composted at the end of their lifecycle.

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We Practice Responsible Supply Chain Management

FSC Certification is about more than just paper. Being FSC Certified means we know that, at every step of the process, the materials we use are being sourced and managed ethically, responsibly, and sustainably.

FSC’s Chain of Custody control ensures all of our supply chain partners are as committed to sustainability as we are.

We Reduce & Recycle

Waste reduction programs are woven throughout our processes.

  • We recycle over 120 tons of waste paper and cardboard every month, sending it to a responsible facility to be re-pulped or repurposed.
  • Our automated ink systems have virtually eliminated ink waste by mixing only the required amount of ink per project and reusing the excess.
  • We work with several e-waste recycling programs, including one through our local United Way, directly supporting our community and our planet at the same time.


For more details on our recycling practices, and all the other ways we give back to our communities and the planet, please download our full Corporate Environmental Policy.

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