Celebrating Another Year with an “Excellent” SQF Rating

We’re continuing to focus more and more energy on the folding carton packaging sector of our business, and SQF certification is playing a vital role for our clients. Nearly 40% of our folding carton packaging clients are producing food to be sold in stores across the country. With SQF certification, we can assure those clients that we’re producing their cartons in a safe, quality facility where only the highest standards are upheld.

So, what is SQF certification and why is it important?

SQF stands for Safe Quality Food, and this critical certification “allows food safety and quality systems to be verified and validated throughout the food chain, increasing brand protection, consumer confidence and loyalty,” states the SQF Institute. Essentially, it’s a rigorous, accredited, global program to which all sectors of the food supply chain are held, and packaging is a large part of that process.

Certification involves yearly third-party audits which cover all aspects of our production floor as well our policies, procedures, and documentation regarding everything from ventilation to handwashing, clothing and personal effects, water supply, and waste management. This rigorous process helps to ensure the packaging we’re producing is safe for both our clients and ultimately, the end-users.

We all want peace of mind when diving into a box of crackers, grabbing a granola bar, or cooking a frozen pizza. In all cases, the safety of the food in those packages is just as important as the safety of the packages themselves. J.S. McCarthy doesn’t just provide safe, quality folding carton packaging, our employee-owners take pride in every box that leaves our plant. This year’s “Excellent” SQF rating simply reinforces our strong commitment to provide the very best to our clients.

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