The Power of a Printing Peer Group

Recently we welcomed members from our PrintVision peer group to our facility. We were able to share our expertise and best practices with 7 other industry leading companies from across the country: Bolger, Inc. of Minnesota, BOPI of Illinois, Color Ink of Wisconsin, Courier Graphics of Arizona, Hatteras of New Jersey, Modern Litho of Missouri, and Neyenesch of California.

PrintVision is a member-only strategic peer network of print and marketing communication companies located throughout North America. With a combined net annual sales of $178M, the group represents a diverse range of services and capabilities including print, data, design, digital, e-commerce, fulfilment and distribution, mailing services and more.

The PrintVision peer group is comprised of CEOs and Executive Management. Member companies are of similar size and complexity. The purpose of the group revolves around a set of principles and activities that include the following:

  • Fellowship, Trust, Confidentiality, and Transparency
  • Growth and Profitability of Member Companies
  • C-Suite Networking
  • Shared Expertise and Best Practices
  • Industry Education
  • Benchmarking and Sharing of KPIs
  • Becoming Best-in-Class

Valuable information was shared among the group and we highly recommend this process to other organizations.

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