Our customer service and sales departments work together to decide some of the best looks for the products, and some ideas on how best to produce them. We do a varied amount of book covers, dust jackets, posters, banners, things of that nature, all that need protection from abuse when they used. Now, we have many different finishes, most popular would be a glossy finish, which you see in a lot of products, some products also need a more subdued look and feel, and we use a matte or satin on that. Oftentimes, people print something that they want to bring more focus to a particular portion. We have a process where we can actually matte etch areas to bring down the gloss in an area to bring your eye to the more shiny areas. We offer a wide format laminating as well, up to sixty inches and also by any length. What sets J.S. McCarthy apart from the rest of the printers is the fact that we’re able and willing to do whatever it takes to get them what they need, where they need it, and when they need it without any compromise.

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