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Utilizing Printflow Scheduling Software, we are able to schedule, synchronize and optimize jobs within a cost center as well as throughout the manufacturing operation. The entire printing process becomes fully coordinated, synchronized and optimized from inception to delivery.

PrintFlow allows us to schedule not just actual jobs, but potential jobs letting us know immediately what the scheduling consequences would be if we made changes to a job. By automatically finding the best schedule position for each job, PrintFlow organizes the sequence of the steps that are required to produce a job efficiently.

PrintFlow helps to ensure that jobs will be produced as quickly and efficiently as possible by matching the new job with all other jobs in the plant – matching form sizes, papers, inks – looking for the best placement for each task in order to reduce make-readies, cut waste and eliminate redundant steps.

By giving the Scheduler an instant view of the available capacity with its unique Gantt Chart, Printflow allows us at J.S. McCarthy to meet our customers needs more efficiently.