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Create PDFs in other programs

Microsoft Publisher


J.S. McCarthy Printers supports many different design programs, including Microsoft Publisher. Although supported, Publisher has several issues that make it difficult to use for professional printing. JSM strongly encourages all customers who use Publisher to read and follow the suggestions in this guides when preparing files for submission.

Preparing Files and Making PDFs in Publisher

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One of the most efficient ways of dealing with Publisher files is to export them as a PDF and send that out for printing. These guides contain information on how to use popular PDF creation tools to create PDFs out of Microsoft Publisher.

Creating PDFs from Publisher 2010 and later
Creating PDFs using Publisher 2007
Creating PDFs using the Cute PDF Print Driver

Microsoft Word


Microsoft Word is not a design program. Files sent in Word often have problems with type reflow caused the way that it formats and stores font information. The best solution to avoiding type reflow is to create a PDF out of Word and then send that to us for printing. If you cannot send a PDF then be sure to send hard copy proofs to check your file against.

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The easiest way to create a clean, press-ready PDF out of Word is to use a PDF based print driver like Cute PDF.

Creating PDFs using the Cute PDF Print Driver

Installing the CutePDF Print Drivers


The free CutePDF print drivers are a simple way to create press-ready PDFs. Running the installer will create a new virtual printer on your Windows computer. To make a PDF simply print to that virtual printer.

Creating PDFs using the Cute PDF Print Driver

Cute PDF Homepage

Cute PDF download

Some users have had trouble with 3rd party crapware included with some versions of the CutePDF installers. The version of the installer linked here is clean and will only install the CutePDF drivers.

Video Tutorial on using CutePDF to make a PDF