JSM Upload Links

The easiest way to send us your files for output is to use one of the JSM Upload links below. These Secure Links connect directly to our Remote Proofing server through a regular web browser. To transfer a file to us, click on the name of your Customer Service Representative. A new window will open with an Upload Files button, which will launch the upload in a separate window.

In the upload window, enter a name for the upload, your name and contact info, and any notes you’d like to include. Then drag any files you wish to send onto the lower part of the window and click on the upload button. Files are automatically protected during the transfer. A progress bar will appear, and once it reaches 100%, your file transfer is done. The system will automatically notify your CSR that the job has been transferred.

Customer Service Reps–Maine
Nancy Cunningham Uploads
Brandi Farnsworth Uploads
Rachel Jones Uploads
Peter Keniston Uploads
Suzanne Mahon-Miller Uploads
Aron McCarthy Uploads
Mike Nolette Uploads
Anja Parlin Uploads
Adam Poulin Uploads
Sandy Rines Uploads
Nichole Tracy Uploads
Carol Tuttle Uploads

Customer Service Reps–Connecticut

Newington Office
Glenn Basale Uploads
General Uploads

Stamford Office
Tracy Kane Uploads
Ed Furci Uploads
Suzanne Knapp Uploads
Jennifer Ponzini Uploads
Denise Veit Uploads

Customer Service Reps–Massachusetts
Kim Hamblin Uploads
Christine Sarnie Uploads

Other Links
Digital Press Department Uploads
Shawn Anderson/Tech Support Uploads
JSM Prepress General Uploads

JSM Connect

This convenient application is the easiest way to upload your files.

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Secure Link Uploader

These Secure Links connect directly to our Remote Proofing server through a regular web browser.

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Remote Proof Server

J.S. McCarthy Remote proofing is great for large organizations with multiple approvers.

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