Boxes On Demand: A True Space Saver

At a time when sustainability is more important than ever, reducing shipping waste is high on our list of priorities. research found that 40% of the average shipping package is wasted space. By having a Box On Demand® system, we’re able to take advantage of the following benefits when we ship or transport your finished commercial printed pieces or folding carton packaging:

• Custom-sized boxes: ability to produce boxes of any size on site, reducing the need for excess storage and inventory.

• Space-saving: reduces warehouse space and storage requirements by producing boxes as needed, rather than stockpiling them.

• Cost-effective: reduces shipping costs by eliminating the need for oversized boxes and reducing material waste.

• Environmentally sustainable: minimizes waste by producing only the required amount of boxes, reducing the use of excess materials, and promoting eco-friendliness.

• Improved customer experience: reduces the risk of damage during transport by creating custom-fit boxes, enhancing the customer experience with better product protection.

So, when you receive a corrugated box from us filled with your auction catalogs, drink mix packages, cracker boxes, or lobster cake sleeves, take note of how perfectly your product fits inside, wasting little to no space.

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