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Offset Printing

Successful printing ultimately depends upon the ability to control ink on paper.J.S. McCarthy Printers’ pressroom personnel are masters of their craft – a combination of technical expertise and attention to subtle detail. As highly automated as today’s presses are, critical decisions about ink densities, color balance, registration, and press speed are still the pressman’s responsibility and pride. It is quite easy to equip a press with a scanning spectrophotometer, but quite challenging to properly utilize it for measured control throughout a print run. J.S. McCarthy Printers uses Stochastic Screening as our standard for all our work. Talented craftsman operating high quality equipment is the secret to a high quality finished product. Matching the right equipment to the job at hand is also of paramount importance.

J.S. McCarthy Printers has several different offset printing presses to call upon – from eight color and six-color 40″ presses to duplicators we can always match the right equipment to the job. A number of our presses can even print on stock as heavy as 39-point, including an eight color 40″ perfector. These presses run seven days a week on four shifts. Over the years we have mastered the fine art of printing on various synthetic papers and we utilize a wide variety of specialty inks for unique applications.

Being the best at ink-on-paper is hard work, but we love rising to the challenge.

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