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JSM Upload Links

The easiest way to send us your files for output is to use one of the JSM Upload links below. These Secure Links connect directly to our Remote Proofing server through a regular web browser. Depending on the browser they will either use HTML5 or Java. To transfer a file to us click on the name of your Customer Service Representative. A new window will open with an Upload Files button which will launch the upload in a separate window.


If you are running an older browser using Java, you will get a notice asking you to approve a security certificate. This is a standard Java security measure to warn you that files will be uploaded from your hard drive, and you must accept the certificate to continue.

In the upload window, enter a name for the upload; your name and contact info; and any notes you’d like to include. Then drag any files you wish to send onto the lower part of the window and click on the upload button. Files will automatically be protected during the transfer, so it is not necessary to Stuff or Zip compress them before sending. The HTML5 uploader will not allow drag and dropping of folders. If you need to send a folder, click on the + button to add files.

A progress bar will appear and once it reaches 100% your file transfer is done. The system will automatically notify your CSR that the job has been transferred.

The Secure Link upload system requires will attempt to use HTML5 for newer browsers, older browsers such as Internet Explorer 9 or earlier and Safari 4 or earlier will fall back to Java. For best results use a new version of Safari (Mac OS 10.7 or later), Internet Explorer (Windows) or Firefox (Mac and Windows). If you have problems uploading and require an alternate method you can find other transfer options here.