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Connect To JSM

This convenient application is the easiest way to upload your files. Download and install the app from the link below. To send us files drag and drop them on the app icon or window and enter your contact info. Choose who you want to notify, and when the upload is finished your Customer Service Representative or Sales Rep will receive immediate notification that your files have arrived.

Download JSM Connect for Macintosh
Download JSM Connect for Windows

Macintosh Security Warning
Depending on your security settings, Mac OS X may display a security warning that Connect to JSM is from an unidentified developer. This is a standard warning for software that is not registered through Apple and doesn’t come from the Mac App store. To override this warning and continue with the install, Right-click (or hold down the Control key and click) on the Connect to JSM installer and choose Open from the submenu. The warning about an unidentified developer window will pop up, but this time will contain an option to continue with the install, choose Open to allow the installer to complete the install.

Creative Suite Plugins
Connect to JSM can work as a convenient plugin directly from your Adobe Creative Suite or Creative Cloud programs. You can download the latest plugin for your Adobe program directly from the Enfocus site. Once installed, making a print ready PDF and sending it to us is as easy as choosing “Export to Connector” from the file menu.

Creative Suite / Creative Cloud Plugins