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Color Management

ICC profiles are used for many aspects of the production process. For the best final printed results you should use the these settings when scanning and converting your images to CMYK. J.S. McCarthy supports the industry standard GRACoL color settings and our presses and proofers are calibrated using the G7 methodology. We are a certified G7 Master Printer and keep our equipment within official G7 specs.

For links and more information about the GRACol printing standards refer to the GRACol website.

For those customers interested in doing their own scanning, digital photography and proofing, JSM offers monitor profiling services as well as on-site production assistance. Depending on the equipment used, the combination of a calibrated monitor and the use of these color profiles in Photoshop can make for a very close on-screen soft proof.

Color Settings in Photoshop

This PDF contains information on installing color profiles and screen shots of the color settings we recommend for use in Photoshop.

  Download Instructions for Mac/PC in PDF format

JSM Standard Color Profiles

These profiles are zip compressed and must be decompressed before use. Pick the profile that matches the paper and press you will be printing your job on. The “Color Settings in Photoshop” PDF above has instructions for installing these profiles on Mac and Windows machines.

GRACol Coated Paper Profile

Our coated profile is exactly the same GRACoL Coated profile distributed with the latest versions of Photoshop and the Adobe Creative Suite.It is available for download here if it did not come with your software.If you already have “Coated GRACoL 2006 (ISO 12647-2:2004)” in your color settings you do not need to download it again.

Download Now

Standard Uncoated Paper Profile

The JSM Uncoated paper profile is made with the same G7 methodology as the GRACoL standard, but is built for printing on uncoated paper stocks on a standard (non-HUV) press.

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HUV Uncoated Paper Profile

The JSM Hybrid-UV Komori press is the first of it’s kind in the world and it allows for a wider gamut on uncoated stocks.This profile will take advantage of the richer color and deeper blacks that HUV printing offers on uncoated stock.This profile is specific to JSM but is made with the same methodology as the standard GRACoL profiles.

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