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Green Partners

Clean Currents Certificate

Green Energy Certificate


J.S. McCarthy has signed a contract with Clean Currents to buy 100% of our electricity from wind power. Clean Currents sells renewable energy credits, known as REC’s, and they are certified by a national organization called “Green-e.” Green-e confirms that Clean Currents has wind power available and guarantees that our purchased energy credits are truly derived from wind power.

The Green-e logo is nationally recognized and is displayed proudly by J.S. McCarthy as it shows our commitment to the environment. If you would like to know more about becoming a Green-e Power Partner, you may visit their website by clicking on the logo below.

*Note* this symbol is not for use on our customers printed products unless they are also certified as a Green-e Power Partner.


J.S. McCarthy has joined the EPA Green Power Partnership which is a partnership of organizations that voluntarily purchase green power as a way to minimize the environmental impact caused by electrical use. Hundreds of organizations have joined this partnership and have agreed to purchase billions of kilowatthours of green power each year. Recently, J.S. McCarthy was ranked 15th green printer in the nation by the EPA!

We have environmental logos and images available for download!