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Corporate Environmental Policy

At J.S. McCarthy Printers, we strive to be not only a top-quality printer but also a responsible corporate citizen. We recognize that our business activities contribute to carbon emissions and we stand committed to aligning our customers’ printing needs with our social responsibility. In today’s global market-place, sustainability is paramount and for this reason, J.S. McCarthy continually evolves in order to meet environmental demands centered on the following ideologies.

• Waste reduction and recycling: As a high-volume paper purchaser, we continually invest in new, more efficient equipment that creates less paper waste. We also lead a progressive recycling program and seek out new ways to ensure ethical forest management in the paper we buy.

• Renewable energy: Electricity is one of the largest contributors to carbon emissions. J.S. McCarthy has taken steps to reduce electricity consumption and to replace non-renewable energy sources with environmentally friendly wind power.

• Continuous improvement: Aside from following federal environmental laws and regulations, J.S. McCarthy continually seeks out innovative alternatives to offset the harmful effects our energy consumption. By encouraging the efforts of our consumers and suppliers, we promote resource conservation in our daily work and will continue to foster and support increasingly responsible corporate citizenship.