J.S. McCarthy offers complete mailing services in house. There is no need to deal with several vendors for services such as machine inserting, inkjet addressing, and data processing. You will save time and money by eliminating the need to ship your product from one vendor to another, resulting in your mailing getting to the marketplace sooner. We have invested in state of the art equipment to process your mail efficiently and effectively. Our experienced mailing team will recommend solutions that will get you the best postage rates available.


Complete your mail piece with our in-line Tabbing/Labeling System. Tabs are available in clear and frosted Mylar with or without perforations. They are also available in white and several colors.


Postage stamps have been proven to enhance the value of a mailing piece. Studies show a better rate of response when a postage stamp is used in place of a printed indicia. J.S. McCarthy has the equipment to automate the affixing of stamps, keeping your costs down and increasing the rate of return on your mail.


Post-It ® notes are another great option to make your mailing stand out. Post-It ® notes are USPS approved, and they can be affixed to most mailing pieces to emphasize a message or logo. J.S. McCarthy can print Post-It ® notes in color and position them to postal specifications to further draw attention to your message.


We are also equipped to affix advertising labels to mailing pieces. These self-adhesive labels are real attention-getters. Available in an endless number of sizes and shapes, we can recommend the right application to meet postal specifications.


Poly and ClearBags® offer added protection from damage as a result of mail handling. Allowing your mail piece to be be seen through the protective packaging. Poly and ClearBags® are an attractive alternative to using envelopes.

Eco-Friendly Clear Bags

Looking for a more eco-friendly option? ClearBags® Eco Flap Seal bags are approved by the United States Postal Service. These plant-based clear bags are compostable and offer the same protection for your mail piece without hiding your message.

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