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Privacy Policy

Here at J.S. McCarthy, we value your privacy. Thank you for taking time to read our Privacy Policy.
While you browse our website, we do not collect any personal information. We do use cookies, but only those that are necessary to make our website work and to provide you with a better website browsing experience. We don’t sell or share this information with any third parties. Cookies are small bits of information sent by a web server to your web browser which are then stored on your computer, tablet or smart phone. They do not identify you. If you want to learn more about cookies, including how to turn off or delete cookies, visit www.allaboutcookies.org.

Sending us information voluntarily
While we do not collect personal information when you browse our website, you can choose to voluntarily provide personal information to us by using our “Request a Quote” or “Request Samples” links, or by using the “Contact Us” link to send an email to privacy@jsmccarthy.com. The information you can provide includes: your name, company name, address, email address, phone number, information about the job you’re quoting or samples you’re requesting, and any other details you choose to provide. When you send us information voluntarily, we only use it to process your request (to send you samples, to prepare a quote, to answer a question, etc.). Your information is stored internally on our secure server and is not shared with any third parties unless this Privacy Policy explicitly says otherwise. If you never provide us with personal information during your visits to our site, then your visits are anonymous.

Google Analytics
We use Google Analytics, which uses cookies when you visit our site so that it can collect and process certain data. Google Analytics summarizes this information for us and provides us with periodic statistical reports that do not contain any personal information. By using our website, you agree to Google Analytics’ privacy policy and terms of use available at https://policies.google.com/privacy.

Third party hosting platforms
We partner with some third parties to offer certain features to you via our website. When you make use of these features (described below), you agree that your use is governed by the relevant third party’s privacy policy, not J.S. McCarthy’s. Note that the third party providers may use cookies. For more information about the third party hosts we partner with, contact privacy@jsmccarthy.com and include “Privacy Policy” in the subject line.
We have multiple secure methods for you to use to transmit files to us. You can send files to us by downloading and installing JSM Connect from our website, which is a product hosted by a third party. You can also send us files to our FTP server using FTP or SFTP protocols. This service is also hosted by a third party. Dedicated secure SFTP logins are available on request. Lastly, you can send us files via InSite Prepress Portal which is hosted by a third party.
When you transmit files to us using a third party hosted product, the only information we receive is the file(s) you’re sending and any account information you may voluntarily provide when logging in or creating an account (excluding password information). We only use the personal information to identify you as the owner of the files you are sending. We store the files on our secure server and only use them to process your print project. J.S. McCarthy does not share this information with third parties without your consent.

When you make a payment by credit card, we use the services of a third party credit card processor. We use the contact information and credit card number that you provide only for the purpose of processing your payment.

Fulfillment website
The J.S. McCarthy fulfillment ordering website is used by clients to order products we store in our fulfillment warehouse and certain print on demand products. While we administer the fulfillment website, we use a suite of EFI products to host the site. EFI’s Privacy Policy is available at www.efi.com/legal/privacy.

When a login account is created for you on our fulfillment website, we have access to certain personal information that we need in order to process fulfillment orders. This includes your username, contact name, business name, address(es), phone number, email address(es), and any other personal information you voluntarily provide. We use this information to manage your account and to process your orders. Your information is stored on the EFI hosted platform that we administer and is also stored on our secure server. J.S. McCarthy Printers never shares your personal information with any third parties without your consent. When you use our fulfillment website, we do not collect or receive any information related to the pages you visit or the paths you navigate.

General Info
We take data security seriously and we have physical and technological safeguards in place to protect your information. Any and all personal information we keep is stored securely and never shared with third parties without your consent. The only exception to this is that we may be required by law to share certain personal data and, if that is the case, we will share only the minimum amount of data required.

We may update this Privacy Policy from time to time and may post such changes on our website, www.jsmccarthy.com.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, or if you’d like to change or delete any personal information we hold, please email us at privacy@jsmccarthy.com with “Privacy Policy” in the subject line or mail us at: J.S. McCarthy Printers, Attn: General Counsel, 15 Darin Drive, Augusta, ME 04330.

Last Updated: 5/25/2018